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Don Brusko

As a good introduced wholesaler of Italian bread and delicacies we furnish restaurants and catering businesses in Germany and Austria. Our bestsellers primarily are Bruschetta and Tramezzini, which we let produce in traditional modality directly in Italy.

The Don-Brusko-concept consists not only of a simple supply of high-quality goods. Additionally we help you to introduce your business and provide you with a one-stop solution:

Since we have been operating our own Bruschetteria for long years we have widespread practical knowledge of how to deal with it. Our customers benefit from our expert advice, which allow them an effective and successful introduction of the Bruschetta. You can find more information about our franchise system in the section "Franchise System" or contact us directly.

Of course we can also furnish you with all the ingredients you need for the efficient and high-quality preparation of a delicious Bruschetta.

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