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Our trademark - Bruschetta from Don Brusko!

Our Bruschetteria: the typical Italian type of gastronomy with Tuscan flair for the particular standard
Don Brusko stands for a fast quality food in a special ambience. Beside of serving ā la carte selected appetizers, crispy salads and fresh pasta we offer Italian specialties and self-created desserts. Piadina which is the Italian alternative of the wrap, and dishes for the small appetite complete our product range. Our main product and bestseller is Bruschetta. This is a simple to prepare but high quality dish, which forms a full main course.
What are the advantages of owning a Bruschetteria instead of other gastronomic types?
Little space required
You only need a little worktop for the elaboration - save your space for a larger sitting area and increase your profitability.
Simple and fast preparation In only 3 simple steps you prepare a professional and delicious Bruschetta. With an elaboration time at least as fast as with pizza you can attend your guests in the shortest time possible.
Specialised staff isn't required
Not on every place you need specialised staff. After a short instruction period your personnel will be able to execute the preparation perfectly autonomous. They will do a high-value performance.
Good margin Despite of nowadays high initial costs in the gastronomic sector with the Bruschetta still it's possible to achieve a very interesting margin.
Calculation example for one slice ready for sale:
The value of a completely finished slice including bread, cheese and toppings reaches an average price of 1.30 Euros with a corresponding sales price of 6.90 Euros(incl. 19% VAT). Our complete menu with prices you can find here.
Large gastronomic appliances aren't required
Your initial equipment is geared to a comparative small financial budget. Besides of a common bistro-like kitchen you only need a special oven which has a heating element on the upper and lower side (infrared-grill - salamander)
Market niche In the jungle of restaurants and diners you clearly stand out of the crowd: your competitors are still working with the well-known but also already devalued pizza. Instead of this you offer an innovative and popular product and additionally use an approved system. Bruschetta already has made his mark!
Fresh produce with substantial Best Before Date
The topping consists of fresh produces and original Italian tinned delicacies. Conserves have a BBD within 4 years. Our Bruschetta bread has a BBD of 90 days ex production. One package contains 5 slices, which are packed using the method of modified atmosphere. The remaining life at your premises will be 60 days (within Germany).
All our products normally get to you by parcel delivery service. The small minimum purchase quantities and the outstanding life period give you room for making decisions in your daily business.

Which skills should I have for being franchisee?

Our franchising system offers people of the most varied branches and knowledge levels the possibility to become their own boss. Despite of this the jump into the legal independence never is an easy walk in the park. For verifying if you are really the adequate person work out a checklist.
You should be able to answer the following questions with a "yes" if you want to succeed also in the long-term:
  • Are you skilled with commercial knowledge or commercial comprehensive?
  • Do you have a gastronomic formation or have you gained equivalent experiences?
  • One of your priorities is team-work as well as doing a good service?
  • Do you have entrepreneurial spirit and are you able to make clear-sighted decisions?
  • Are you deft in dealing with employees and partners?
  • Can you count on the support of your family?
  • Do you have the financial background to overcome the first stage?
  • Are you willing to extend your knowledge continuously and also during your free time?
  • Are you willing to integrate you into the existing structure of a franchising business and do you want to collaborate actively with us?
  • Will you also accept our decisions as a franchisor, although you may dislike them?
  • Do you have enough self-confidence to cope with setbacks?
  • Can you deal with a weekly working schedule of 60 hours or more?
You have answered all the questions with a "Yes"? Then you are the person we are looking for! For detailed information please contact us! Contact

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