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There exists a long tradition about Bruschetta. The origin can be traced back till the 16th century. In these times it was described as the poor peoples' food in central and south Italian cookery books. It has been used old bread, which had been roasted with garlic and olive oil and topped with freh tomato pieces.

Up to this day it has been conserved this traditional way of preparation. But there changed a lot: Instead of the old bread of former times, nowadays due to advanced technology it's possible to control quality systematically. So we can ensure our guests a first-class and homogeneous flavour experience.

The image of the Bruschetta have also modified elementary. Today it's served in specialty restaurants as a appetizer or as the main course. For both possibilities our giant Bruschetta slice is perfectly suitable -not only it's an extraordinary flavour experience but also visual it leaves behind a permanent impression.

In choosing the topping there are similar to pizza unlimited combinations - be it vegetarian, with fish or meat. According to the gusto everything is possible!

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